Do you want to try caravanning in Australia? The first thing you need is to decide which caravan can meet your driving and living needs on the road. To guide you in choosing your future motorhome, we’ve taken a look at these top five unique caravans tested to be fit for the vast Eyre Highway.

  1. New Age Commando 20 Series

Built to outlast the harshest environment, the New Age Commando comes with solid armour plating and electronics in its rucksack. The drawbar neatly contains a vertical gas line and regulator hidden behind the checkerplate. It also has one of the best all-terrain hitches on the market — Hitchmaster D035 coupling. There are dual LED spotlights installed on the front section of the caravan, making it a lot easier to navigate for a camping spot in the evening.

The Commando is also properly geared to withstand dirt on the road. It rests on Cooper Discoverer STT Tyres on black alloy wheels, and Al-Ko’s torsion bar and Electronic Stability Control for bumpy rides. Rugged and reliable, you can enjoy remote touring with comfortable interiors, thanks to the New Age Commando.

  1. Jayco Sterling Outback Caravan


Considered to be one for the most popular caravans in Australia, the Jayco Sterling will give you the value for money. The A-frame with a centre jockey provides lots of space for WDH brackets, making this blacktop tourer easy to hitch up the vehicle.

The Dometic entry door and touch-panel lighting are one of the most innovative features of the Sterling. Inside, the well proportioned layout of the van can be seen with the functional arrangement of the front bedroom, full-width rear bathroom, dinette and offside kitchen. As a bonus, the van comes with large windows and huge storage, perfect for sightseeing travellers who need to pack a lot of diving and hiking gear.

  1. Regent Monarch


The Monarch may come at a price but it’s fit for royalty. Say goodbye to bumpy rides — the Monarch tracks well during turns. As well as the high-quality suspension system, the glossy overhead locker doors and snakeskin trim definitely add to the regal vibe.

The length of the Monarch accommodates a spacious layout suited for two people, with a great external storage to boot. Appliances include top-loading washing machine, LCD water level monitor, magazine rack, towel rails and contemporary wash basin, thereby making living on the road highly sustainable.

  1. Billabong Grove 186 Moda

42886The mid-range Grove features a bold rig, visually appealing interior highlights and ergonomic layout, which is very open to customisation. If you’re a first-time caravaner, you’ll love how the Grove is easy to hitch up — lower the coupling onto the ball, connect the trailer plug and safety chains, and you’re done!

The Grove also packs the conventional features of a caravan such as a bedroom, rear bathroom, kitchen and a huge storage area. The interior layout also fits everything together nicely, so sleeping and eating on the road will be comfortable. Did we mention that there’s also an onboard satellite dish?

  1. Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210 


Lightweight and easy to tow, the Jindabyne is a pop-top caravan friendly to your caravanning needs and budget. Because of it’s exceptionally light compared to other caravans, it’s not that hard to hitch up this pop-top behind your family vehicle. However, it may take a while to set up since unclipping and raising the roof is needed.

You’d think that for a light caravan, you’ll have smaller space. Let the Jindabyne prove you wrong — it’s open and spacious, packed with an overhead cabinetry, nearside dinette and lounge. Thanks to the weight-saving chassis built to adapt to varying road conditions and weight of the van, you’ll have more space for your souvenirs and travel equipment.

Over the years, we’ve met all kinds of travellers who crossed the Nullarbor with their caravans, and we’ve learned a lot from their experiences and advice from caravanning. If you have the passion for the road, no one’s stopping you from taking a step further by getting a caravan to make your dream escape happen.

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