A lot of people who cross the Nullarbor opt to do it in a caravan while, well, caravanning. While this is a wonderful experience – especially for first timers – a lot of very basic rules get lost in the buzz of technicalities.


(1) Keep the campsite clean


This cannot be emphasised enough. Keep your rubbish, no matter how small, and throw it in the appropriate bin. Fishing and had a pack of gum? Keep the wrapping in your pockets. Smoker? Pick up those cigarette butts. Those pieces of garbage are small, yes, but they accumulate over time. Bring plenty of large, heavy-duty plastic bags, and if you can, throw it in a covered bin immediately to avoid critters from scattering your rubbish around. If you have pets, make sure to always clean up after them.

(2) Be a considerate neighbor

Consideration is key. If you arrive at the campsite during quiet hours, keep your flashlight or car headlights focused only on your tent, and avoid loudly banging the car doors. Come morning, do say hello and make new friends! Building new friendships is a wonderful perk of the caravanning lifestyle.

Continue observing a quiet hour for the entirety of your stay. Avoid loud conversations and music — regardless of how badly you might want to sit by the fire and belt out your version of Down Under by Men At Work, you better opt not to, if the neighbors are already asleep. Avoid trespassing on your neighbors’ sites. “Even if you just want to cut through your neighbor’s camp to get to another location in the park, it’s best to resist the urge and stick to the paths, unless permisson is given,” essurance.com suggests.

Whenever possible, leave wood in your area before leaving. The next camper will appreciate your kindness. In camping and in life, a little consideration and kindness goes a long way.

(3) Leave the campsite exactly the way you found it

After making sure that you haven’t left any of your valuable belongings, make sure you put away all of your garbage. If you moved rocks (for the campfire), make sure to scatter them around — piles of stones everywhere limit camping spaces.


(a) Use trash bins as a fire pit

Use only the designated fire pits. Another important rule: nothing except wood goes into the fire pit.

(b) Harm trees

Never cut branches from a live tree, or cut the tree itself for firewood. Look for fallen branches instead. A lot of campgrounds even sell firewood for campers to use. Do not use nails or wires on trees either, as they cause unnecessary damage.

(c) Leave food unattended

It’s exciting to try out delicious camping food, but a lot of people forget the clean up part. Don’t be one of those people. Always stand by your food, and avoid leaving leftover food in the open. Food attracts animals, and you wouldn’t want any unwanted animal encounters during your stay.

(d) Feed the wildlife

The Nullarbor has a very diverse offering of fauna, and the camping ground might seem like a perfect place to interact with these animals first hand, but resist the urge. Feeding the animals encourages them to become dependent on humans, and this could affect the ecology of the place.

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