You won’t be coming across any Michelin Star Star restaurants out in the vast plains of the Nullarbor,although the Nullarbor Roadhouse Restaurants comes quite close :-).
However, don’t let that deter you from making use of these creative tips and tricks from veteran campers. After reading this post you will know how to make your campfire dinner a bit more interesting and a whole lot more delicious!
Cooking tasty, homemade meals over an open flame may seem like a challenge, you could even argue that bringing the right ingredients along is tough going. However, with these tips on how to get your ingredients from home to campsite, and creative yet simple ideas on how to cook them, you will be dining in style even while out in the outback.
Ingredient Tips
The rule of thumb in camping is to pack as light as possible. So it goes without saying that packing ingredients of a complex meal is usually out of the question. However, here are five tips to consider when packing your food ingredients to keep your meals interesting.

  1. A flavorless meal is a boring meal. How about bringing along some great spices or seasonings by putting them in little tic-tac boxes? You’d be surprised by how much you could bring along with this space saving technique.
  2. Keep your stored ingredients fresh and save space by vacuum sealing them into packs before putting them in your cooler.
  3. Pancakes for breakfast! Make sure to grab some pre-made pancake mix from the supermarket as who doesn’t like starting off their day with hot pancakes.  It’s the perfect camp food as there is no need to keep them cool either. Just add water at the campsite. And don’t forget the fruit, maple syrup or your topping of choice to go with your pancake breakfast!
  4. If you have a pan with you, try something other than the usual pasta dish such as . polenta or couscous which are great great for outdoor meals due to their quick cook nature. Prior to your trip you can even make some delicious polenta cakes to enjoy as a campfire dessert!
  5. Instant food like canned fruit, soups, and other similar items are also great to use for a quick meal. With the right techniques, they cook well over a fire.

Cooking Tips
With no oven,limited utensils, and only a portable stove or an open campfire at your disposal, should your meal choices be limited to merely popping a can open… Not if you follow these ideas:

  1. Skip the marinade and bring along a sprig of rosemary. Place it right over the coals as you cook your meat to make it taste extra delicious.
  2. Tired of the usual s’mores? Campfire cones are a brilliant alternative. Stuff some ice cream cones with marshmallows, chocolate chips and even some fruit. Wrap them in aluminum foil and let them roast over the coals for a hot, yummy treat.
  3. Get your daily supply of carbs by making some campfire crescent rolls. Stuffed with hot dogs or other kinds of meat, this is a clever and delicious way to get some energy for the day ahead!
  4. Quick and easy, these campfire mushrooms are a great side to your meals.

Even with these creative and delectable tips, nothing beats a hot, fresh and home-cooked meal every once in a while. So drop by the Nullarbor Roadhouse, say Hi and grab a great meal.