Recently Graham Llyod from The Australian, ventured out to the Bunda Cliffs. Below is an excerpt of his article. Follow this link to read the full article and watch the video:

EXCERPT: LIKE crazy pilots, ­swallows surf the fierce winds that blast from the Southern Ocean over the Bunda Cliffs on the Great Australian Bight.
It’s an aerial dance over the ice-blue waters where up to 200 southern right whales come each year from June to October to calve and rest. It is wise not to stand too close to the crumbling edge here; the swirling wind at your back could push you over.
Rising 80 metres on average from the ocean, they stretch 100km from Border Village in Western Australia to the Head of Bight, near Yalata in South Australia, and look like the edge of a giant broken biscuit. Continue reading