The Nullarbor Plain is an amazing attraction that many flock to every year to travel across. Speckled with many amazing views, convenient road stops, and with plenty to do, taking a trip across the Nullarbor has been proven to be an excellent area to explore. Yet, one factor can heavily influence a person’s trip, and that is the time of year they decide to go. Trekking across the Nullarbor Desert is a huge task for anyone, but life will be much better they plan their trip to Nullarbor during the winter months. There are multiple factors that influence this fact, so it is important to become educated on exactly why the winter is the best time for first time visitors to travel across the Nullarbor crossing.

Gawler Ranges

The trek across the Nullarbor is 1200 kilometres of rugged desert landscape that is home to many historic legends, vibrant history, and amazing scenery that captivates travellers from all over the globe. One of the main reasons first-time travellers to the area should visit during the winter months is because this region has extreme temperatures. What most people don’t realise is that some days during the year, temperatures can reach up to 50°C with the temperatures at night being close to freezing. The high temperature during the summer season can have a huge impact on those who are interested in exploring the many scenic and outdoors sights in the Nullarbor Plain. By visiting during the winter months, travellers can be sure that they will be able to sightsee as much as they want, in the safest temperatures possible. There are tons of spots to visit including the famous Gawler Ranges, which is very handy for those who want to do off-roading adventures during their travels. Another excellent outdoor spot is the Mount Wudinna Recreation Reserve and Turtle Rock that are both accessible off of Route 63, which are suitable for bush walks, hikes, and picnics. All of these amazing spots are accessible during the year, but visitors will be able to experience them longer and more fully if they plan their trip during the winter months.

Bunda Cliffs

Another reason why it is best for first time visitors to plan their trip across the Nullarbor Plain during the winter months is to visit the Bunda Cliffs and The Head of Bight. The Bunda Cliffs are 200kms between the Head of the Bight and the border of Western Australia. The very most southern point of the Nullarbor Plain, these cliffs are a sight to see that will make anyone feel like they are at the edge of the world. At the tip of these amazing cliffs is the Head of Bight at the far east of these formations. What is significant about this spot is that it is the best place along this area to see Southern Right Whales up close and personal. Whales that have swam from the Atlantic, spectators are able to watch these amazing creatures play, mate, and calve from this area. But there is a catch! The whales only come to this spot during the winter months of May to October with the peak time being a small window being between July and August. One of the most fascinating and memorable experiences a person can have when visiting this area, this tops the list of reasons why people should plan their trip to Nullarbor during the winter!

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