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With its beautifully clear waters and high level of biodiversity, it is no surprise that Australia tops the list for many whale-watching enthusiasts. Over half of the world’s total number of whales, porpoises, and dolphins travel through Australian waters. Make the most out of your outdoor adventure by paying the whales a visit on the Nullarbor!
Located near the Nullarbor Plain in the state’s far west coast, the Head of the Bight is one of the best whale-watching sites in the world.
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Splash-Free Sightseeing
The Head of the Bight is known throughout the country for its impressive land-based viewing of whales migrating to South Australia. The famous site is 20 kilometres east of Nullarbor Roadhouse. The Head of Bight can easily be spotted thanks to the signs posted along the Eyre highway. However, you can also take a 30-minute flight to get a stellar view of the Bight—and the whales!—from above.
Upon arriving at the area, you can choose between the two viewing boardwalks, east and west. Both are connected by a well-built pathway and sloped to be accessible for wheelchairs. The strategic position of the whale spotting area gives you a bird’s eye view of the azure Australian waters, and a closer look at the playful Southern Right whales.
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THE Must-See Whales
You can watch the Southern whales up close as they move and swim in the placid Australian waters. Engaged in an array of activities which include—but not limited to—lopping, diving, slow motion somersaults, tail slapping, breaching, and rolling belly up, you are sure to catch some memorable photos!! You can also observe these delightful creatures in their daily life as they calve and mate in the nursery waters.
These Southern whales settle in the area for an entire 5-month period between June and October. However, some of them can already be spotted as early as May. If the surroundings happen to be quiet during your visit in the high cliff area, you may even hear the whales themselves moan to signal amusement as they play their games.
Aside from the Southern Whales, you might also see a range of other animals;  Humpback whales, Australian sea lions, and the Great White Shark pass by from time to time.
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Whale Watching Season
The whale watching season is from Mid-May to October, when mother whales swimming together with their calves are known to stay ‘in residence’ at the site. At the height of the season, more than a hundred whales can be located along the 15-km section of the coastline.
Make sure to visit between June and September for the best chance to see these whales up close.
Make your own memorable experience happen by visiting Nullarbor Roadhouse today to plan your whale watching adventure.
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