One way to take great photographs of the landscapes and sunsets at Nullarbor Plain is to think about what makes them unique at the time – and that’s YOU, of course!
While Nullarbor’s entrancing views have been captured by thousands of people on film and digital prints, your photos can tell a one-of-a-kind story when you add a touch of your personality (and the personalities of the people you meet and travel with!).
Here are a few tips to help you take unique and captivating photos of your outdoors adventure.
1.       Research the location. Look up its geography, climate, flora and fauna to help you decide on camera effects, angles and times of day to employ when taking photos. For example, you can use afternoon light and raking angles to reveal textures in the desert sand. And if you’re visiting an area where you know animals with be present (Dingos at Nullarbor Roadhouse), try to take photos when they are outlined against lighter colour backgrounds.
2.       Contextualise each photograph. Taking photos of objects in isolation is effective for product catalogues. But for travel photos, it is always better to show how different elements – scenery, animals and people – relate to each other. You can, for example, take a photo of the famous Nulla Dog sandwich and include the Roadhouse staff serving it (just be careful not to eat it all up before snapping a pic, though!). You can also photograph your friends looking down at the whales at the Head of the Bight – that’s a great story and a precious memory in one.
3.       Spark a friendly interaction when photographing people. Australia’s privacy laws allow photographers to take images of people as long as they are in public. However, if the photographs are to be used commercially, you should obtain a signed model release. That said, asking permission from your photograph subjects helps them feel more relaxed, making them look natural in your shots. It’s also a great way to meet locals and other travellers!
4.       Shoot in the golden hours. Most subjects are best captured an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. The dusk and dawn lights tend to be softer – enough to highlight without overpowering with brightness or dullness. Additionally, taking photos at these two times will allow you to see and experience things not many people will get to: the opening of shops or the waking of nocturnal animals, for example. So set your alarms for sun up and sun down and go for a photo walk!
5.       Find a vantage point. Whether it’s from your room window or from the edge of Bunda Cliff, a vantage point will help you take a panoramic shot of the street, city or beach. It will also allow you to zoom in on one or two interesting subjects, should you find any.
6.       Travel at a slow and steady pace. The time you spend on the road can be used to fully take in the sights and experiences that crossing the Nullarbor Plain has to offer. You might even find new and unique photo opportunities (provided you’re not the one driving your vehicle, of course!).
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If you need more information on capturing the photogenic views and scenery of Nullarbor Plain, feel free to contact us ( It’ll be our pleasure to give you directions, tips, and recommended sights to help you enjoy your Nullarbor experience.