Experience is definitely the best teacher. Asking your family and friends for travel advice is a sound move, but what if they’ve never been to the place you’re going to visit? Enter travel bloggers — we’ve learned a lot from their personal adventures that they freely share with the rest of the online community, and so can you!

Among the hundreds of travel blogs we have encountered, here are the ones we find the most helpful for every kind of globetrotter out there:


  1. In Search of a Life Less Ordinary – Russell Ward is an award-winning writer and expat who hopes to inspire others to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life through travel. Every post we’ve read from his blog is uplifting and rewards you with a positive outlook not only towards travelling, but also towards life in general. If you’ve fallen in love with the Outback and want to move to Australia permanently, Russell dishes out helpful advice, too.

Our favourite post: “I’m Off to a Land Down-Under” unveils Russell’s initial thoughts about landing in Australia, which many of us find very relatable (just thinking about Australian wildlife can make one shiver in either delight or fear).



  1. The Wandering Lens

If you’re the visual type, get ready to feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful travel blogs out there. The Wandering Lens is the brainchild of Lisa Michele Burns, a photographer who perfectly captures the beauty of each city or landscape she visits. What’s cool about Lisa’s blog is that she teaches you how to improve your photography, too! From taking underwater photographs to composing travel photos, every page is there to enthral us.

Our favourite post: It’s time for you to move on from selfies — you can easily learn how to take better beach photos with Lisa’s comprehensive photography guide.



  1. Positive World Travel

Travelling as a lifestyle? Anthony and Elise Reeks, creators of Positive World Travel, say yes to that! Their blog is loaded with informative content on travelling, complete with guides, articles, photos and even videos (gathered from their actual travel experiences) that can help you get to different destinations on a budget. There are also guest interviews featuring other backpackers who share tips and advice on smart travelling.

Our favourite post: After having been exposed to different places and cultures, The Positive World Travel couple raves how they’ll never trade an Australian Summer for anything in the world.



  1. Rocky Travel

A highly recommended blog for international thrill-seekers, Rocky Travel promises to teach travellers how to “discover Australia like a Local.” The blog is a testament to Michela Fantinel’s love for Australia — like Russell, she has moved to Aus in hope of a rewarding life. And she was not disappointed. Rocky Travel represents all the great things Michela has discovered in Australia that foreign travellers can also experience, even with a limited amount of time.

Our favourite post: Rocky Travel shows the “Real Australia” by hopping on to the Outback, where isolation from the urban life counts as your gateway to rediscovering the hidden beauty of the nature and wildlife.



  1. The Road to Anywhere

Afraid to travel across Australia alone? Outdoors enthusiast and adrenaline junky Dean Wickham has been there — and he aced it. Dean’s blog, The Road to Anywhere, is his way of showing how you can travel far or close from home independently, documented through his own travel stories, tips and photos.

Our favourite post: Dean takes a fascinating picture of the Cliffs of the Great Australian Bight, a wonderful area where you’ll be amazed not only by the azure waters, but also the whales who play and swim around this side of the sea.



  1. The Kid Bucket List

If you’re travelling with kids, chances are you’re worried that you won’t get to enjoy the places you’ll visit that much since you have to look after them — wrong! The Kid Bucket List is a refreshing guide that demonstrates how you can have fun with your children while having the time of your life. Learn a thing or two about activities that will make holidays stress-free and kid-friendly.

Our favourite post: It’s in the name — the bucket list is tailored for kids who are out for a one-of-a-kind Australian adventure!


  1. The Travel Tart

Your luggage might be as heavy, but how about a silly travel guide to lighten things up? Travel Tart is a humourous take on travelling, where you can also find weird and funny things in places that Anthony Bianco aka the Travel Tart has visited. From spotting hilarious signs to listing down silly travel tricks and antics that you can try yourself!

Our favourite post: Anthony’s list of things to do in South Australia takes the form of a poem, where he dreams of getting close to Great White Sharks, visiting the Big Lobster and seeing other places like the Eyre.  

Were you inspired by these travel blogs on how to prepare and where to go next? Keep the wanderlust alive and choose your next destination!  

If you need more information on travelling across Australia, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to give you tips and directions to make your Aussie travel memorable.