Traveling is a lifelong dream of many, and for grey nomads, it is a reality for them to be able to travel for long periods of time and see the most interesting and remote parts of their country. However it’s never easy to research and know who to trust when it comes to guidance on where to visit. Even more than that, having the advice of an experienced individual ensures that one can be adequately prepared for their trip and make every moment matter.

It ends up being an extreme disappointment for a person if they drive their caravan an extremely long distance only to find that the destination is not nearly as interesting, beautiful or exciting as they had anticipated. To avoid these disasters, it can be a good idea to get advice from websites of experienced individuals who have been there before in order to get a sense of what to expect from a destination. Some of the best sites to grey nomads to follow and take advice from are as follows:

The Grey Nomads

1. The Grey Nomads: It says it all in title doesn’t it! With everything from places to travel, events worth attending, advice on planning and forums to get you connected with others who also yearn for amazing travel experiences. This website is the one-stop shop for grey nomad advice for many travelers.

Just A Backpack And A Rollie

2. JUST A BACKPACK and a rollie: Just a Backpack and a Rollie is the blog of a woman named Nancy Thompson and her stories of being a grey nomad. After retiring, she and her husband sold everything they owned and began traveling Australia in a rollie, seeing the country on a budget. Following her story gives many of her fellow grey nomads tips and ideas to incorporate into their own travels.

Grey Nomads Jobs

3. Grey Nomads Job: For any grey nomads who are in search of work opportunities as they travel, Grey Nomads Jobs is a website helps grey nomads get connected with short-term work that can help them earn money to continue funding their ventures as they go through their travels and continue living their lives to the fullest and seeing all the sights and experiences that Australia has to offer.

For grey nomads, there is always more to learn about where to travel, how to do it on a budget, how to make money after you have taken to the road, or little tips and tricks for every situation. Following the three above websites for updates on the best way to live the grey nomad lifestyle can help any individual traveling Australia make their ventures as seamless and exciting as possible. It’s always good to seek advice from those who have been there in the past, and these websites make accessing the information you need easier than ever before.

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