If you’ve been up all day driving across Nullarbor’s Eyre Highway, you can treat yourself to refreshing sights and equally invigorating cuisine. Take a break from the sight of salt bushes and open land to seek refuge in Denial Bay, a tourist village mainly known for fishing. This mini-paradise can be found in South Australia and is around 12-14 kilometres away from the Northwest of Ceduna.

The bay was initially a port and ship landing for the delivery of farming goods to people settled in the area. Over time, Denial Bay no longer functioned as a port. It evolved into a small town comprised of local shops and services. Today, Denial Bay’s most thriving industry is oyster farming—in fact, the oysters harvested from Denial Bay account for around 20% of all oysters grown across the country.

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Oyster Farming: A Famed Tradition

Oyster farming is the main attraction of Denial Bay, with their oyster farms being some of the largest and oldest in the Eyre Peninsula. The tradition began in Denial Bay as early as 1985, and continues up to this day. You may also ask the local growers for tours that allow you to explore the vast oyster nursery beds. These tours teach you the process of world-class oyster farming.

As you learn the methods of oyster farming, you may even get a chance to join Oysterfest—an annual grassroots festival showcasing the best of locally-grown seafood. Because the marine environment in this locale does not have any fresh water input via river systems, the sea water in Denial Bay is known to be one of the clearest in all of Australia and even the world. Oysterfest is a bucket load of fun and worth adding to your Eyre Highway itinerary.

Pacific Oysters: A Taste Only from this Side of the Sea

Being in Denial Bay gives you the opportunity to taste the renowned pacific oysters.

The Pacific Oyster (scientific name: Crassostrea gigas) has certainly come a long way from first being introduced in South Australia from the Tasmanian hatcheries during the 1980s.

They are currently the most widely-grown bivalve on the entire planet.

At Denial Bay, local growers ensure these nutritional oysters are locally-grown and freshly-harvested. Aside from its high degree of clarity, the sea water in the bay is also abundant with nutrients which provide well-suited conditions for oysters to grow healthily. You can purchase these oysters at a good price from the local growers all over the small town.

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Denial Bay and Oysters: A Must in every Nullarbor Travel Checklist

The treasured pacific oysters from Denial Bay are an experience you wouldn’t want to miss as you travel along the Eyre Highway. An itinerary essential to fulfil the Nullarbor experience, getting to know Denial Bay and the highly valued oysters that they foster is also a way to learn something new with your family and friends.

There are lots of activities to pursue in the Nullarbor that are rewarding experiences for travellers looking for delicious food and a one-of-a kind adventure. Visit the Nullarbor Roadhouse to get started on your Eyre Highway trip ideas and accommodation queries.



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