Whether you’re an experienced camper or a novice, camping requires careful preparation. Out in the Nullarbor plains, camping is critical, particularly for travellers who are too far away from any decent Nullarbor accommodation. Because of this, we have prepared some great tips – otherwise known as “life hacks” – to make your Nullarbor camping experience as easy as the pros make it seem to be.
1.       Forget the regular towels and bring microfiber ones. Microfiber towels dry extremely quickly, yet still remain absorbent. They can be handy after baths or swimming, especially since you won’t need to wait long for them to dry if you’re trying to keep your pack from getting damp.
2.       Amplify a headlamp with a water-filled jug. Need better light at your campsite? You can actually make an ambient lamp by filling a jug with water and attaching it to a torch or a headlamp. Of course, you must make sure to bring adequate torches and other light sources for night time travels or caving adventures.
3.       Bring your own campfire starters. Not all of us can do as the boy scouts do, rubbing some sticks together to make a fire. Also, kindling might not be as easily at hand as you thought out there in the plains! Bring some dry wood and paper for starting your campfires (assuming, of course, your campsite permits it).
4.       Cook with lettuce leaves. Bringing along some meat to roast at your campfire? Wrap your meat with cabbage leaves before wrapping them in aluminum foil, and then place them over your coals. It keeps your dinner tasty, preventing it from getting burnt to a crisp.
5.       Fishing using tic tacs. Planning on going fishing? The Eyre Peninsula has great spots, but there’s no need to bring along your whole tackle box to the campsite. A tic-tac container can work as a great mini tackle box for you to put your hooks and little weights into.
6.       Keep mosquitoes and insects at bay with sage. Everyone may be expecting to be swatting away a lot of the little pests during camp-outs, but a couple of bundles of sage into your campfire or fire pit should let you keep the bugs at bay.
7.       You can’t go wrong with duct tape. The great thing about duct tape is that it can used to fix just about anything in the campsite—from tent holes to even your bag’s straps. That’s why pros recommend you wrap extra duct tape around your water bottles, ready for use at a moment’s notice.
8.       Use a soda bottle spoon. Out of spoons? An empty 1 litre-sized soda bottle will fix that. Cut out one of the bottle’s “legs” extending upwards until you’ve got a handle for your impromptu spoon. It makes what would otherwise be trash into something useful at the campsite.
9.       Keep your cool. A gallon-sized milk jug filled with water and a quarter cup of salt will keep the temperature of your cooler and at the same time prevent water from spilling all over it when the ice melts. Just remember to label the jug so you don’t drink from it!
10.   Vacuum-seal your food. Campfire food is the most anticipated part of camping, so keep it from spoiling and make it easier to pack by vacuum-sealing all your food before you store it away.
Camping can be quite an exhilarating experience, especially with a few tricks to improve the quality of your journey. Contact us here at Nullarbor Roadhouse if you’re in need of great accommodation for  your Nullarbor trip.