No one ever undertook a long successful journey without some sort of plan in place, and taking on the long Eyre Highway journey should be no different. With such a long road ahead of you, there needs to be a good mixture of planning and impromptu stopping! As you never truly know what is out there till you experience it yourself.
Without any planning though you run the risk of ending up without enough supplies, or woefully unprepared for a new experience.

Know Your Stops

Planning a Nullarbor itinerary is essentially the same as planning your way through backpacking in Europe. Work out where you’re going to make your stops and how long you expect to be at each location. There are many sights to see and places to visit, so make sure you allow yourself some wiggle room as you may find yourself enjoying somewhere more then you expected and therefore might want to stay a few extra nights.

Know What You Need

Also, take into consideration what you’ll need to bring with you. If you plan to go fishing in the Eyre Peninsula, bring your fishing gear. Make sure you have a lot of rope and safety equipment if you plan to explore the vast caves (permission and previous experience is a must).
Above all, always make sure that you have enough gas and food to last you from one stop to another. Say you’re going from the Nullarbor Roadhouse to one of the scenic spots—make sure you fill up on enough gas to take you well past your destination, just in case… It is the Australian outback after all!
Through these factors, you can begin to make a rough estimate of how much time and gear you will need, and just as importantly what you don’t need to pack. When mapping out your itinerary make sure you take into account your budget (motel room or camp spot?) and resources (4WD or caravan?).

Planning an Itinerary for A Solo or Couple Travelling

Going on a solo adventure or going with just one other person could save you a great deal on the budget. You only need to provide for one or two people, and you have far better control over where you want to go and what you want to do.
You can have some great adventures over the Nullarbor this way. From plane rides to cave exploring, the more adrenaline-charged adventures are easily accessible to you. Packing the right safety equipment and booking your journeys will make sure that you have everything in order.

Planning an Itinerary for a Family with Kids

Because families often have kids in tow during the adventure, it would not be advisable to go on the more challenging adventures that could be hazardous to the little ones. Instead, consider some of the many locations across the Nullarbor journey that not only fascinate but also give you a great learning opportunity for the kids.
Fishing and whale-watching in the Eyre Peninsula, visiting old world cottages, learning about history, and even exploring the flora and fauna that are native to the Nullarbor could be sources of great enjoyment and education for kids and adults alike. There is nothing like learning and exploring the natural world that makes a person realise that there is so much more to the country than just its cities and lankmarks.
Traveling in the Nullarbor can be packed full of adventure and fun, whether you’re going alone or with the kids. Just make sure to prepare adequately, and you will have a blast. Contact us at Nullarbor Roadhouse to book accommodation or to have any questions answered.