A car, the open road and the wind in your hair — what more can anyone need… Plenty as you’ll soon realise.
While simply driving through cities and the countryside worry-free sounds romantic, packing suitably for your road trip is essential. Not only will this save you money, as you will not need to buy missing items but it will also spare you from any unforeseen and inconvenient circumstances.
In this blog post, we list down what you should pack, from the basics to the extras and give you tips on how to take care of your vehicle when in the outback.

  1. Maps, local travel book/guide and a satellite radio not only let you know which right turn to take or if there’s been a rerouting nearby, but will also clue you in on the different attractions a town or city has to offer.
  2. A camping mat, a blanket, tent and pillow will help you feel comfortable while sleeping in the back seat, or when you have to set up camp for the night.
  3. A torch and some rope would definitely come in handy during emergency situations. You can also use the rope to tie luggage to your car’s roof or act as a clothes line to air your clothes.

Documents and Money

  1. Credit cards, money (kept in secure places) and a copy of your bank account details will ensure that you’ll be able to pay for whatever you need during your road trip in different establishments, regardless of whether or not they have an ATM or only take cash.
  2. Rego, travel insurance documents and copies will keep you covered in case of any accidents.

Car maintenance

  1. A bottle of motor oil and a bottle of water will keep your engine running smooth and prevent it from overheating during your long drive.
  2. A spanner, a jack and spare tyre/s will be useful in case you get a flat tyre.
  3. A roof rack can be attached to your car for securing your luggage. In most hardware stores, you can find inflatable racks that are easy to keep and store away.

Everything else
Above we have covered the basic items required on any extended road trip. The rest of what you should pack – clothes, hygiene, medicine, electronics, food and entertainment – can vary depending on how long your trip is and where you’re going.
When it comes to clothes, it’s best to bring appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions. You should also bring flip flops (for public showers), as well as a pair of casual shoes should you do any outdoor exploring.
For hygiene, never forget your toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and sunscreen.
Along with a basic first aid kit and pain medicines, remember to bring prescription information in case you need refills along the way.
If you’re travelling with smartphones, cameras and laptops, be sure to have chargers, extra batteries and memory cards so they last the entire trip!
Apart from snacks, bottled water and plastic utensils, it’s also advisable to bring a pocket knife, a camping cooker and plenty of spare water.
Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Bring along your favourite playlists, books, stories, jokes and games. Most importantly, bring some great travel pals along to share your roadtrip experiences with!
If you need more information on driving across Southern Australia – or if you want a homey Nullarbor accommodation after hours of being on the road – feel free to contact Nullarbor Roadhouse. It’ll be our pleasure to advise you on travel tips and local attractions for a memorable road trip.
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