If you are journeying across the Nullarbor, you will likely be on the look out for interesting locations to stop and explore. Given the extensive history of the biggest tourist spots in the area, there will be no shortage of places to visit. Among these many attractions is Nundroo, a well-known service centre for travellers making the Nullarbor journey.
Why Nundroo?
What makes Nundroo stand out among the rest is that it is currently the favoured base for some of the most amazing trips around the Eyre Peninsula. This peninsula, remarkably close to the Nullarbor plain, is the source of world-famous marine life exported by Australia to countries all over the world. The area encourages travellers to catch their own seafood as well, making the endeavour not only a cool learning experience, but also exciting!
Location and History
Nundroo is located 78 kilometres from Penong and 51 kilometres from Yalata. It was first settled in by sheep graziers back in the 1860s, when it was then burgeoned into a station that connected to the bigger organisations in Yalata and Fowler’s Bay. Aboriginal shepherds were their chief employ to keep an eye on the sheep, and by the 1880s, the massive runs were subsequently parcelled off. To this day, sheep grazing and grain growing is done in the area, and continues to be a source of livelihood for the locals. It is also a considerably interesting rest stop for travellers going across the Nullarbor and going to Ceduna.
The fishing in Nundroo is unparalleled. From the local jetty and local beaches, you can catch your own fish and crustaceans. The best fishing, of course, comes from boat trips in the open waters. Fishermen both experienced and novice go to Nundroo to try out fishing, adding new adventures and experiences to their ledgers. For travellers not interested in fishing, however, they could go on a boat ride to glimpse whales at the Head of the Bight (link to whale-watching blog), which is a considerable source of excitement especially for children.
Learning Factor
Taking a day trip around the peninsula not only gives you the fishing and the superb coastal sceneries, but also an amazing glimpse into early Australian history. Therefore it is no wonder that many groups and families make the stop in Nundroo, especially if they have young kids with them. Apart from learning how to catch different sea creatures, the young and old could learn about port histories and take a look at the old cottages of settlers. They would also be able to study the native flora and trek over sand dunes. Nundroo’s attractions invite scientists, curious travellers, cave explorers, and other adventure seekers on a thrilling view of life in this side of Australia, from past to present, and experiencing the impressive beauty of nature.
The Nundroo continues to be an amazing location that draws tourists for its package of wildlife, explorations into Australian history, and trips that inspire the feeling of adventure. If you’re looking for more reasons to take the journey across the Nullarbor, contact us at Nullarbor Roadhouse for great ideas and great accommodations.