Photo 1:


Man cycling the entire Eyre Highway stops in for a well earned rest.


Photo 2:


Shot taken from a Chinta Air Flight. Beautiful white beaches.


Photo 3:

Photo 3

Shot taken by Werner Moser with post “31.12.2013 47.5C it was a very hot day on the Nullarbor” 11th of May,2016.

Photo 4:

You feel the distance ahead of you when you’re driving in Nullarbor. It seems like an endless journey that reaching the end of the road is considered a mission greatly accomplished.

Shot taken by Marc Humphrys with post “East bound out of Nullarbor roadhouse into the rain”, dating back in 30th of May,2016.


Photo 5:


Shot taken by Kelvin Hill with post “My 2004 BA Falcon crossing the Nullarbor in October 2010 for my nephew’s wedding in Dubbo. The roadhouse is the blip on the horizon in the background.”, dating back in 1st of June,2016.