For anyone considering a road trip to the Eyre Highway, there are a couple of things that should be considered before taking to the roads. Like most trips that involve traveling, a road trip around the Eyre Highway can rack up the bill quite quickly. The following are a couple of tips that travellers can keep in mind in order to keep their road trip cost lower without cutting into any potential adventures, experience, or enjoyment that travellers may want to experience.

First, it is extremely important to plan out your trip. This will cut down on entertainment and travel costs more than one would likely anticipate, and this is due to the fact that people often underestimate the sheer size of the Eyre Highway and all of the things that there are to do while there. When traveling in the Eyre Highway, anyone can quickly get overwhelmed by all there is to see and do while there, and without having planned out an itinerary in advance, one can quickly end up overspending to take part in the first overpriced tourist attraction they happen upon. Furthermore, by utilising this go-with-the-flow method of doing things, anyone on a road trip through the Eyre Highway could easily end up missing out on some truly incredible hidden gems that Australia has to offer. This traveling strategy, too, often leads people to end up in much more costly accommodations due to poor planning ahead of time. Coming up with an itinerary before taking to the roads of the Eyre Highway is a smart move for any traveller looking to save money because they can plan out ahead of time and know how much everything is going to cost before they even arrive.

If you are going on a road trip, fuel is always going to rack up a considerable cost. It has been said that fuel is cheapest in Australia on Tuesday and Wednesday, while it is most expensive on the weekends. For this reason, those who are traveling through the Eyre Highway on a road trip should do their best to avoid filling up their gas tanks on the weekends and aim to wait for Tuesday or Wednesday to purchase fuel while on their trip. Other tips for saving fuel include packing light to increase the fuel economy of the vehicle in use, seeing to it that the vehicle undergoes regular maintenance, and planning out trips well so the vehicle gets from point A to point B efficiently.

Another fun way to save on travelling cost while on a road trip around the Eyre Highway is to try camping. This will save you on costs in accommodation, especially because Australia is home to many National Parks that allow guests to camp in them for either a small cost and, in many cases, for completely free. This involves bush camping, and spending a night every now and then during your trip camping might be a fun way to immerse yourself in all of the nature that the Eyre Highway has to offer while simultaneously cutting down on the costs that come with your trip. It’s also an added bonus that most of the popular campsites will offer basic amenities to guests, such as water, toilets and power.

For those who are not interested in camping, but still want to find ways to cut down on accommodation costs, staying in hostels is a good option to consider. This gives travelers who are going on a road trip through the Eyre Highway the opportunity to find cheaper places to stay. While private rooms can range in the areas of $80-$110, dorm rooms can ring up costs as low as $20-$30 for those who do not mind sharing with other travellers. AirBnB is also a popular service in which people rent out spaces in their home for guests to stay in at rates that are much reduced from costs of more traditional forms of accommodation, such as hotels. It’s also a great way to help travellers immerse themselves in the culture, meet the locals and pick their brains about the best places to visit while in the area. Many people find some really cool and interesting places to stay this way.

Keeping these tips in mind while going on a road trip through Eyre Highway can really help anyone cut back on their travel costs overall. Make sure to see all of the most interesting sites that the Eyre Highway has to offer, such as all the beautiful scenery and The Nullarbor.