There is nothing quite like a road trip across the Australian Nullarbor.

Fond memories of the family car packed with an overflowing boot and a warm breeze through an open window is one that many Australians’ share. But did you know that one family has a story to tell like no other.

This story entails an unexpected visitor encountered by the Knowles family on their trip across the Nullarbor Plain in 1988. A visit from a UFO.

The Knowles family first encountered the UFO at four o’clock in the morning when they noticed a bright light floating in the distance. Like the Knowles family you ask yourself could it be a fellow vehicle? A large road train? A distant Roadhouse?

As they got closer to the bright light it swiftly moved and began hovering above their family sedan. Distracted and panicked by the bright light the Knowles swerved to avoid collision with a passing vehicle!
Surely this passing vehicle would have seen the bright lights of the UFO? But how could they when the the bright floating light had left the Knowles sedan and began following the passing passengers! At first the Knowles made a U-Turn to get a better look at the strange light but eventually returned to their original path to continue on to their destination.

A trick of the light? Could the Knowles family be imagining things especially when driving so early in the morning? You may think so if it wasn’t for what happened next.

Continuing along the highway between Madura and Mundrabilla they’re unexpected traveling companion returned and this time it was here to stay. The Knowles family recall the sensation of something heavy touching down on top their can making it uncontrollable and heavy. Emanating a high pitched buzzing the Knowles began to feel disorientated as time began to stand still. Faye Knowles recalls “It felt like something was going into our heads…”
The Knowles recall next the a sensation of wheels making contact with asphalt followed by the sound of one the sedans tires bursting. By some measure of luck the car finally came to a stop by the side of the highway and the Knowles fled into the dark bush land.

The Knowles Family