The Eyre Highway is long and daunting as it cuts its way through the Nullarbor Plain. It’s an adventure that so many travellers and their families want to – and should – embark upon, at least once in their lives. Many people take the journey out of necessity or out of fun—but one thing to remember is that as with any big trip, you need to be adequately prepared, especially when it comes to food.
With a long car journey ahead, you need to make sure you have the energy to not just make it through the trip but to enjoy it! It might be a little tempting to duck into a supermarket and load up on snacks, soda, and chips, with thoughts of the music blaring as you and your friends roar down the highway. Remember, though, that you’ll burn out that energy fast – believe us, you wouldn’t want to start flagging before you even reach your halfway point in the journey!
Snack foods are all well and good, but try to at least include some healthy snacks in between. Here are some great healthy food options that you can pack for your big Nullarbor road trip.
Absolutely Nuts
Before you reach for that next handful of crisps, grab some nuts instead. You can try peanuts, pistachio nuts, or almonds— actually, even pumpkin and sunflower seeds would be a much better snack than junk food. They have healthy fats and protein, and keep your sodium levels down (particularly the unsalted varieties). You don’t want to suddenly get dehydrated in the middle of the highway, after all. Also, in small portions, this snack will give you only about 100 calories, so you won’t have to worry too much about your consumption.
Go with the Grain
Popcorn and rice crispies—even rice cakes—are another great idea for your crunchy cravings. Air-popped popcorn will have much fewer calories than regular movie-theatre-type popcorn, so you can snack away with no worries and stay healthy. Grain-based foods have long been a staple for people going on road trips or hiking, because they give you the energy you need without sugar highs and lows of other choices. Nuts, oats, and dried fruit made into a granola bar or snack will fill you up and keep you energised.
Fruit Filling
Energy bars have dried fruits for a reason—they have natural sugars, are healthy, and taste great. Bring along a bag of fruit with you for quick snacks on the road across the Nullarbor. Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, and others can be a great snack if you need something sweet. At the same time, these are natural and biodegradable snacks, so you won’t have to worry about your trash. Just be careful to time your purchasing of any fruit as when you cross the WA/SA border you will need to dispose of any fruit you have.
In Betweens
Instead of junk food, why not load up on sandwiches? Now more than ever, this road trip is the best time to make all the sandwiches you’ve ever wanted to try. Protein is incredibly essential if you want to keep your strength and energy up for the long adventure, and sandwiches are the best way to pack those in. If there was ever a sandwich recipe you wanted to try, go for it: bring along peanut-butter and jelly, club sandwiches, pita pockets, turkey on rye—make all the sandwiches you love, and rest assured that you’ll be eating healthily through the trip.
Still, there’s nothing like a proper meal after eating packed food for a good long while. It’s not just your car that needs fuel – your body does, too! When you make a stopover for a proper, freshly cooked meal, come in at the Nullarbor Roadhouse and fill up.  See our menu at
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