Over the years we’ve had many folks come from all corners of the globe to experience our beautiful country and the spectacular Nullarbor Plain. We’ve been asked by many to put together a list like this and I hope some of our overseas travellers can get some sort a benefit (and maybe amusement) out of all the things us Aussie’s say.


So without further ado:

  • Ankle biters: This term refers to small children due to their short height.  
  • Banger: A sausage.
  • Barby (also Barbie): A grill or barbecue.
  • Bench (also Benchtop): A countertop or counter, particularly one within the kitchen area.
  • Bikie: A person who rides a Harley Davidson, especially one who is part of a bike gang.
  • Bikkie: This is a cookie. The word bikkie is short for the word biscuit.
  • Bloody: This is an adjective, used to intensify the meaning of something. For example, “You are bloody right.”
  • Boardies: This word is short for the word board shorts, which are typically worn by surfers.
  • Bonnet: This is the hood of a car, on the same side where the engine is.
  • Boot: This is the end of the car where the trunk is.
  • Bottle-o: Short for bottle shop, which is the name for what Australians buy a liquor store where one can purchase alcohol.
  • Brekkie (also Brekky or Breaky): Breakfast, the first meal of the day.
  • Chrissy: The holiday of Christmas.
  • Cook top: The stove used for cooking in the kitchen.
  • Docket: The receipt or bill that someone receives when they purchase something.
  • Fussed: To be bothered or upset.
  • Kiwi: A person from New Zealand.
  • Nits: Lice.
  • “No Dramas”: A common phrase meaning “no worries.”
  • Pissed: Drunk.
  • Pommy (POM): An English person
  • Power point: A power or electrical outlet in which electronic devices can be plugged into.
  • Prezzy: A present or gift.
  • Rocket: Arugula. This is especially used in relation to food, particularly salad.
  • Rubbish: Garbage or trash. This word is also used to describe something bad or ridiculous. For example, “This book is rubbish.”
  • Script: A prescription from a doctor.
  • Stubbie: A bottle of beer.
  • Sunnies: Sunglasses.
  • Tip: The garbage dump.
  • Uni: University.
  • Wanker: A person who is ridiculous.
  • Woop woop: A fictional name for a town that it is in the middle of nowhere.
  • Yank: A term used to refer to Americans; it is not meant in an offensive manner at all.
  • Yewy: A U-turn while driving.
  • Zed: The way Australians pronounce the letter Z.


If you are traveling through Australia, especially in the Nullarbor or along the Eyre Highway, hopefully this guide will help you in communicating with the locals throughout your trip. It might be a good idea to keep this guide handy during your travels in the event that you come across a word you don’t understand, so you can look it up in this quick Guide to Australian Slang!

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