Whether you are a returning visitor or just looking for a break from travelling by car, taking to the air is a great way to see the Nullarbor Plain and its many different attractions. Riding a charter plane is exhilarating, and also lends you a bird’s eye view of the landscape.
With this new perspective, you can appreciate details in the geography that you would not have been able to see otherwise:
·         Nullarbor National Park and Regional Reserve – Across the nearly 3 million hectares of land is a vast array of sinkholes, blowholes, caverns, and caves. These depressions on the Earth are hundreds of thousands of years old, and you can appreciate them from above more than you would at ground level.
·         Bunda Cliffs – At the edge of Nullarbor National Park, you will find the Bunda Cliffs – a 200-kilometre stretch with a 60-120-kilometre height. Standing on the precipice’s lookout points will give you a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. However, a plane ride will help you see the cliffs’ layers and layers of limestone that gradate from white to grey to brown. From May to October, you can watch pods of whales bobbing, playing and cruising above the water. You can book a 30-minute flight to the cliffs via Chinta Airways at 140 AUD with a minimum of two passengers.
·         The Nullarbor Links – If you find that five days is too long for a game of golf, why not take an aerial joyride to see the Nullarbor Links? It will give you an idea of the expanse of the course and of the different hazards (like bounding kangaroos, crossing emus, swooping crows and swampy areas) and challenges in each hole. Take our Dingo Den hole, for instance: this par 5 hole covers 538 metres – which makes it the longest hole on the course. Take in the views of the old roadhouse and see the journey the site of the roadhouse has taken over the years.
You can take a flight over the Bight with Chinta Airways. They also offer 4-hour flights from Ceduna. This flight will pass over the oyster beds at Denial Bay, the mangrove swamps at Davenport Creek, surf beaches, and the Bunda Cliffs. This 4-hour flight costs about 525 AUD per person with a minimum of four passengers.
Oh, and the best part? Your plane can also make a stop at Nullarbor Roadhouse!
Nullarbor Roadhouse has a runway where your plane can taxi. At the Roadhouse, you can spend the night, take a refreshing shower, have some snacks and tee off at Dingo’s Den – the fifth hole of the Nullarbor Links.
If you need more information on seeing the Nullarbor Plain by air, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you out with pricing, booking a flight, and ensuring that you’ll have a uniquely rewarding experience above the Nullarbor.
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