The Eyre Highway has tons of settlements and attractions along to be found for travellers. As far as fishing is concerned, there’s plenty going on along the Eyre Highway. The following are some of the most popular places that people like to visit with their fishing gear and throw a line in.

Fowler's Bay fishing

  • Streaky Bay: Streaky Bay is home to a jetty offering fine fishing for travellers, and even crabs during crab season. Those who come to visit Streaky Bay and its excellent opportunities for fishing can catch snapper between October and December as well! This is in addition to a wide variety of other species of fish that can be found on a year round basis at this excellent fishing spot for travellers.

  • Fowler’s Bay: At this bay, travellers that are also fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there are a vast array of species to be caught at this beautiful fishing location. With everything from Mulloway, Sweep, Trevally, Tommy Ruff, Garfish, and Whiting, including many more, this is a great place to stop for those looking to have a productive fishing trip. For those looking for a casual fishing expedition, the jetty can be found only a short walk away from the caravan park. Those who want to take a boat out onto the water can find even better opportunities to catch fish!

  • Smoky Bay: This location has been known to be an excellent place for fishing expeditions. The fish are always biting here, so anyone who can’t manage to get a fish hooked here on the West Coast of Australia probably wouldn’t be able to catch a fish in any other place, either! Some of the species a fisher can expect to catch here include local species such as Garfish, Snook, Flathead and Whiting. Fishers can expect even better results if they fish from a boat.

  • Toubridge Point: Another excellent fishing location within the Eyre Peninsula, this is a great place for fishermen to catch Sweep, Snook, Large Snapper and Salmon. If you are thinking of visiting this location to take advantage of its incredible fishing opportunities, keep in mind that the time of year between April and September is the ideal time to visit due to the fact that Snapper, Sweep, Snook, Tommy Ruff, Large Whiting, Mullet and Salmon are in high supply.

Streaky Bay

As you can see, there are a number of fishing opportunities that present themselves to travellers and those who are fond of fishing as they drive along the Eyre Highway. While there are undoubtedly more hidden fishing spots to be found with pristine conditions, these are some of the best and most popular ones that travellers usually prefer to visit during their travels within the Nullarbor. If you find yourself in the Eyre Peninsula in search of the best fishing opportunities, you should check out any of these excellent fishing spots to see what’s biting.  

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