Feeling tired after hours of driving across Nullarbor’s Eyre Highway? There’s a fun and simple remedy for that: Why not step out of your vehicle, stretch your legs a bit, and have a hit?
Dingo’s Den is 538 metres in length and the only Par 5 on the world’s longest golf course, Nullarbor Links. Located at Nullarbor Roadhouse and reinforced with dingo traps and scrap iron, the golf hole provides a much-needed break from being boxed up in your four-wheel drive or caravan.
Much like the rest of the course, the grass at Dingo’s Den is artificial, with dry desert areas in between. Apart from these hurdles, the Australian wildlife contributes to its quaintness. What the den lacks in actual dingoes (sometimes!), it makes up for crows that will intercept your golf ball; to date, the feathery little guys have swooped in and taken over to 200 balls to an unknown location. So watch out for them and bring extra balls.
Don’t have your favourite golf club with you? Don’t fret – you can hire some from us at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, so that you can take a shot at this hole. Your friends and family can even cheer you on while they rest at the small shelter nearby.
What is the Nullarbor Links?
Launched in 2009, the Nullarbor Links course was constructed for travellers to get their much-needed breaks during their daylong journey, as well as to encourage them to stay longer and appreciate the commercial establishments, flora and fauna along the highway. The course is par 72 and spans 1,365 kilometres from Western to South Australia, with most golfers spending 3-5 days completing it.
While the length of the course seems daunting, its challenges and ever changing environment present wholesome laughs and fun. Golfers – whether first-timers or regulars can have a hit. You can play at any number of holes and at any pace.
Each hole presents its own set of unique hazards based on local industries. We’ve mentioned the unique features of Dingo’s Den above. The Oyster Beds at Ceduna, for example, allow you to play at an oyster farm, whereas the hole at Eucla will see you putting at the beach.
If you want to test your skills on the full 18 hole course, you can purchase a scorecard at gold capital Kalgoorlie or at Ceduna for about $70. Complete the course by having your card stamped at each hole and once done, you can claim a certificate as proof that you’ve played at “The World’s Longest Golf Course”.
If you need more information on the Dingo’s Den, Nullarbor Links and other attractions along Eyre Highway, feel free to contact us. It’ll be our pleasure to give you directions, tips, and recommended sights enjoy you Nullarbor experience.
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