Camping, trekking and cave explorations help you discover the country’s unique natural heritage and escape from the noise and light pollution that come from living in a city. However, for first timers and urbanites, outdoor travel can come as a bit of a shock.

To start always try to set camp in a well lit, safe area, where there is other campers or is a known camping ground. Other then this, below are five tips for you to make the most of your outdoor adventure.

1. Travel in groups. Emergencies on the road are quite challenging to deal with alone. You can manage your group by assigning roles to your travel buddies before your trip.
Side note: When bushwalking or hiking let the slowest person set your group’s pace, and make sure you have an itinerary that everyone can enjoy.

2. Keep yourself in good shape. You’ll be facing more than seasickness or jetlag when you travel outdoors, so it’s important to warm up before long and strenuous activities. Be sure to bring a first aid kit that includes calamine lotion for insect bites, bandages for cuts, basic medicines for aches, pains and upset stomach relief.

3. Learn basic repairs. Making sure that your camping equipment is in good working condition – be they tents, ropes and backpacks – is a must before any trip. You can strengthen and waterproof them with a little beeswax. A garbage bag also makes for a good backpack liner, and in case anything gets ripped, a speedy stitcher pack and even dental floss will prove handy.

4. Pack as light as possible. You won’t need a huge backpack if you know how to pack your clothes and gear properly. For one, you can stuff your socks into your shoes, leaving more space in your bag for other essentials. What you bring can also serve dual purposes: your clothes as a pillow, for example, or a backpack to use as a feet warmer. When buying food rations, opt for packets instead of bottles and cans. You can also use a small microfiber towel instead of a bigger one with a higher thread count, as it takes up a lot less space, is lighter to carry and dries faster.

5. You can bring things from the city. Camping in the bush or in a cave doesn’t mean you have to leave your more modern gear behind. Your favourite songs for campfires and even spices for food can enhance your travel experience dramatically. Packing a small music player and attaching it to an empty toilet paper roll makes for a great outdoor sound system. As for your salt, pepper and other spices or condiments, you can bring small amounts in boxes of tic-tacs.

We hope these tips will help make your next outdoors adventure safe, fun and unforgettable!

If you need more information on camping at the Nullarbor Roadhouse or other accommodations options, feel free to contact us. It’ll be our pleasure to give you a hand on safety measures, directions and pricing.