If you are vacationing in the Nullarbor, then you surely will make your way to the Eyre Highway at some point to see what sights lay along it awaiting your viewing pleasure. There is so much adventure to be sought out when visiting the Nullarbor and the Eyre Highway. If you are someone who likes taking pictures during your travels to document them, the following are 7 photos that will help you prove to everyone you know that you’ve done the Eyre Highway right.

  • Head of Bight: A picture taken with yourself and perhaps anyone you are traveling with at the Head of Bight shows that you visited the bay located in South Australia at the northernmost extent of the stunning location known as the Great Australian Bight. This is proof to everyone you show the image to that youdid some incredible sightseeing during your time in the Nullarbor.
    Head of the Bight
  • Border Village sign: Acting as a gateway to both Western Australia and South Australia, Border Village is a pretty significant geographical point in Australia. For this reason, the sign to the village is something you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to get a photo of.
    Border Village Signage
  • Nullarbor Sunset: The sunset in the Nullarbor is an absolutely breath takingsight for all who lay eyes on it. Taking some beautiful images of the sunset in the Nullarbor as souvenirs to keep with you for years to come is something you definitely would not regret, and it also makes it easy to show your friends and family the kind of beauty you were living among during your trip to the Nullarbor and Eyre Highway.
    Sunset at nullarbor plain
  • Photo on a Chinta Air Flight: If you are going to be on a Chinta Air Flight at any point during your travels, make sure to take a photo while you are in the air. It is sure to be breathtaking while you are at such heights.
    Chinta Air fligh over the bight
  • Beach at Ceduna: While you are in the Nullarbor, the beach at Ceduna is a must-see. Take a dip in the beautiful ocean waters, and while you are at it, document your fun-filled beach day by taking tons of photos. This is a sure fireway to know you’re doing the Eyre Highway right and getting the most out of your vacation time.
  • Cocklebiddy Cave: One of the hundreds of caves on the Nullarbor karst, Cocklebiddy Cave is the most famous one. It is definitely worth a visit to see the site of the largest cave diving penetration of the world, which took place back in 1983. While you are there, be sure to take a photo to document your experience.
    Cocklebiddy Cave
  • Eucla Telegraph station ruins: One favouritesightseeing opportunity along the Eyre Highway is the Old Telegraph Station in Eucla. The ghostly remains are a constantly changing image due to the white sand dunes that have been encroaching upon it for years. Today, the moving sand dunes reveal only a few old stone walls protruding—be sure to capture an image of what’s left before the entire structure is forever buried.

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