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Our Story

Our isolation and unique location means there is nowhere else in the world like the Nullarbor.
In recent times, our owners have looked to celebrate the history of the Nullarbor through murals, by accomplished mural artist Pam Armstrong as well as providing shaded rest areas in our caravan park using materials on site that date back to the early days of the roadhouse. We have also built a scale model of the old “station/garage”. This has all been carefully recreated by our accomplished landscape artist Marty Powell and his team.
Where else can you watch whales up close, explore historic limestone caves, get views of surreal cliff faces, play a hole on the world’s longest golf course or just relax and watch the beautiful sunset over the Nullarbor Plain?
If you are looking to venture off the beaten track and try something different, come visit us! We provide the comfort, fresh food and friendly service you need to fuel your adventure at the Nullarbor.
We are proud to be the owners and caretakers of a part of Australian history and we look forward to sharing it with you as you make your way across the Eyre Highway.
We look forward to having you visit soon!
Tony McFadzean
CEO and Part-Owner