The Nullarbor offers a lot in terms of activities: photography, fishing, even whale watching; and since 2009, the Nullarbor has also boasted the world’s longest golf course — a cracking golf experience with an Outback twist.

If you’re a golfer looking for the game of your life, or just an enthusiast looking to see the world’s biggest, baddest course in real life, keep reading!

The Nullarbor Links

The Nullarbor links is an 18-hole par 72 golf course spanning 1,365 kilometres, with a green and tee hole in every participating roadhouse from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna.

Who came up with the ingenious idea to turn a vast, arid area to a golf course? Eyre Highway Operators Association’s Alf Caputo and Bob Bongiorno thought up the concept over a glass of wine. The goal of the links is to enhance the tourism industry along the Highway by providing the travellers with an additional activity to occupy themselves with while they’re in the region; to encourage drivers to stop over and stay longer. It will serve as an alternative source of income for small communities in the area.

The feasibility study was completed in September 2006, and since August 2009, the course has been open for public play.


Every hole in this 18-hole course is located in participating roadhouses along the Eyre. Every hole is uniquely designed, and carries within it a host of sights and experiences unique to the area that it is in!

Hole 1 & 2

Location: Ceduna Golf Club


Located close to the waters of Denial Bay, stop by this hole to experience the area’s well-known Pacific Oysters! This hole could be the first or the last stop in your Nullarbor links itinerary: enjoy and take your time in the area!

Hole 3

Location: Penong Golf Course

The plains of Penong is a picturesque sight: windmills adorn the seemingly dry land—the residents’ only means to obtain (and transport) water from the place’s underground basins to their homes. All in all, there are 26 windmills on the plain. Just south of Penong, you’ll find Cactus Beach—one of the best surfing spots in Australia, and in the world. Why not golf, and then surf?

Hole 4

Location: Nundroo

This location is also known as the “Wombat Hole”. Nundroo has the biggest population of the Southern hairy-nosed wombat in Australia. Play in this golf hole, and there’s a huge chance you’ll meet (and maybe snap a picture of two of) these adorable creatures!

Hole 5

Location: Nullarbor Roadhouse, Dingo’s Den

Dingo’s Den is 538 metres in length. Located at Nullarbor Roadhouse and reinforced with dingo traps and scrap iron. Here in the Nullarbor Roadhouse, we’ve got you covered—hire golf clubs, buy a drink or two. Your friends and family can cheer you on from the covered shelter nearby!

Hole 6

Location: Border Village

nullarbor_Hole 6

Play a hole right at the border between South and Western Australia! The village is famous for its range of wildlife. See a kangaroo or two!

Hole 7

Location: Eucla Golf Club

Eucla is the largest stopping point between Norseman and Ceduna for travelers and truckers along the Eyre. Check out the Old Telegraph Station and the meteorological station. Also, don’t pass up on the opportunity to hear the story of the Nullarbor Nymph!

Hole 8

Location: Mundrabilla

Mundrabilla is one of the world’s largest meteorite sites—don’t pass up the chance to check out the Mundrabilla mass!

Hole 9

Location: Madura Pass

If you like scenic views, 2 km west of Madura is a scenic lookout with sweeping views of the Madura Pass across the escarpment and the Roe Plains. Natural blowholes may also be found nearby.

Hole 10

Location: Cocklebiddy Motel

Interested in caving? Take a peek at one of the world’s most interesting cave systems in the world right here!

Hole 11

Location: Caiguna Motel


Caiguna is said to be derived from an aboriginal word meaning “spear track”. The area marks the beginning of the most famous stretch of road in Australia, 90 miles of road, and not one bend. South of the town is Nuytsland Nature Reserve, a scenic area bounded by sheer cliffs fronting the Southern Ocean.

Hole 12

Location: Balladonia Motel

Calling the attention of all space exploration fans and enthusiasts: the area houses the remnants of Skylab—the United States’ first space station!

Hole 13

Location: Fraser Range

Another perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts: the Fraser Range area is home to the world’s largest Eucalyptus Hardwood Forest. The blackbutt, salmon gum and gimlet trees are a spectacular sight, often 20 to 30 metres tall, attracting an amazing collection of wildlife to the region.

Hole 14 & 15

Location: Norseman Golf Club

A quaint community with a rich history, the Norseman is a place complete with the amenities of a city! The 15th hole in the links’ 18-hole course stands on Ngadju ground traditionally owned by the Ngadju people. The area houses a lake — “Warrarnbunna”, meaning the place of the long ground. The eucalyptus forest in the area is the world’s largest woodland forest.

Hole 16

Location: Kambalda Golf Club

After playing this golf hole, consider land sailing in Lake Lefroy!

Hole 17 & 18

Location: Kalgoorlie Golf Club

Home of a dynamic and diverse cultural scene, this area boasts participation in sports like Australian rules football, netball, basketball, rugby league, soccer, hockey and cricket. Why not try these out on top of golfing?

denial bay

So You’re Thinking of Playing

If you’re thinking of putting your golfing skills to the ultimate test, you can purchase an entry and score card in either Ceduna or Kalgoorlie (depending on which direction you’re going). After that, swing away—stop at every town and roadhouse across two states. Play a golf hole, record your score, get back in the car, and drive to the next hole.

Professional golfer Robert Stock (originally from Manchester, England) warns all those who are planning to take on this once-in-a-lifetime golfing challenge: “You have to have your wits about you. [There are] deadly poisonous snakes out there. You can see wedge-tailed eagles on carcasses, dingoes all around where you play at Dingo’s Den.”

The temperatures in the Nullarbor can get pretty extreme as well—it could get as hot as 50 degrees Celcius during the day—so be ready, and take the necessary precautions.

To keep the links in pristine condition, avoid driving vehicles on the fairways.

Playing the Nullarbor Links is one of the most iconic tourist experiences one could experience in Australia. Complete the course by having your card stamped at each hole and once done, you can claim a certificate as proof that you’ve played at “The World’s Longest Golf Course”.

The experience is not exclusive to golfers: it could also be the perfect Nullarbor crossing route for anyone who wants to see the best of what Nullarbor has to offer.

nullarbor_Hole Y

If you need more information on the Nullarbor Links and other attractions along Eyre Highway, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to give you directions, tips, and recommended sights for your once-in-a-lifetime Outback experience.